Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gluten Free Cosmetics and Food at Sprouts

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I've been a fan of Sprouts for over a year. I went to my first Sprouts in Thousand Oaks when I worked in Agoura Hills. After I discovered their low prices on fresh, organic produce I even drove there to shop during my lunch break. Thankfully, there is a Culver City Sprouts closer to where I live now. Disclaimer: I have not been paid by Sprouts, bloggers or any of the brands I mentioned for my review.

Los Angeles has introduced me to more healthy eating options such as: vegan cuisine, raw food diets and gluten-free goodness. In the San Francisco Bay area, these options were too expensive and the selection too limited at retailers. In contrast, Los Angeles has Tender Greens salad restaurant with my favorite vegan lunch, "the happy vegan" with green hummus and hazelnuts. I go to the Tender Greens in Hollywood. I like the taste of dairy products but I have an allergic reaction to cow milk in all forms. If you share my lactose intolerance, you may find some relief through Blogger Food Allergy Mama.

Back to Sprouts grocery store as opposed to dining out. What is the price point for Sprouts? Between Whole Foods and Trader Joes. The variety of special diet foods such as gluten-free, lactose-free items exceeds both competitors.

When I go to job interviews in Westlake Village, I stop by the town's Sprouts to check out two things: natural beauty products and gluten-free items. Sometimes these two Venn diagrams intersect in gluten-free skincare. I appreciate their vegan cosmetics too.

There are my top 10  brands for this month for both categories:

Photo Credit: St. Dalfour
St. Dalfour
Photo Credit: Amazon. com Eden Organic
Eden Organic
Photo Credit: Peacekeeper Causemetics
Peacekeeper Causemetics
Back to Nature
Lifeway Frozen Kefir
Jolly Llama
Photo Credit: Schar
World Centric
Photo Credit: Dr. Tung
Dr. Tung

Note: Sprouts also carries well-known gluten-free brands such as Pamela's. However I wanted the above list to include brands that were new to me.

If you are a parent, you might also be interested in the Blogger Gluten Free Mommy recommended by

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